Brita Hotel Financial Management System

Brita,  the highly successful Hotel Financial Management System,   is the essence product of more than 10 years’ experience in the management of hotel and restaurant back office systems. Its quick and easy implementation process ensures fast Returns on Investments (ROI). Fully integrated, Brita provides the every need for the operation and management of a hotel back office environment. The days of redundant systems and data are over.

Brita’s Accounting design dramatically reduces the effort to close books at period end by completely eliminating the need to reconcile subsystems. Most organizations turn nearly 100 percent of their time and effort to closing books and preparing financial statements. With Brita’s unique “OneBook”  design, the general ledger and its related ledger and sub-ledgers are always in a state of perpetual close.

Brita’s basic design and architecture promote the best practices from day one.

General Ledger
• Simple setup procedures
• Minimum data entry
• Multi-property/company
• Budget & forecast ratio
• Yearly to monthly allocation
• Recurring Journal entries
• Complete audit trails
Accounts Payable
• Effective credit controls
• Partial payment features
• Auto & manual check processing
• Check reconciliation
• Multi-bank system
• Inland Revenue-compliant reports

Financial Statement
• Fully customizable Balance Sheet, Income Statement
• Departmentalized reports
• Full-featured consolidation reports
• Incorporation of statistical data
• Currency-switchable reports
• Inland Revenue print-format convertible reports
• Comprehensive consolidation

• Supply and demand analysis
• Optimum order management
• Economic order quantity
• Purchase expenditure control
• Foreign currency quotation management
• Lowest purchase price tracing

• Barcode receiving system
• Receipts directed to specific locations
• Inventory movement tracking
• Hotel-standard location names
• Hotel-specific unit-of-measure maintenance
• Slow moving items report

• Menu analysis
• Menu pricing control
• Costing to each serving
• Ingredient consumption management
• Recipe grouping
• Ingredient availability query by recipes
• Daily Gross Profit Report by outlet
Fixed Assets
• Standard depreciation methods
• Comprehensive Assets Register
• Instant asset valuation report
• Repair and maintenance history logging




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