Core Central Reservation System

Knowing your most valuable hotel guests-those who generate the majority of your revenue-and understanding their buying patterns allows you to appeal to them more effectively. And our Core central reservation system helps you do just that.

Core's centralized guest profile tracks guest preferences and pinpoints how to provide guest-centric service across multiple properties,  building loyalty and increasing the value of each stay.    The Core system also gives you greater insight into the performance of your business through a management dashboard that displays status reports and real-time statistics you can use to increase operational efficiency and maximize yields. Built on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology, Core's central reservation tools are completely platform-neutral, globally deployable, and highly scalable to accommodate business expansion.

To help you better serve and market to the guests,   groups,   corporations, travel agents,  and organizations that bring you the most business, Core provides you with the information you need to:

•    Enhance revenue management
•    Increase distribution
•    Reduce distribution costs
•    Effectively manage channels
•    Understand your customers

The Core central reservation system allows you to consolidate, centralize, and standardize information about your guests and properties so you can increase occupancy, grow revenues, and achieve bottom-line savings. The system includes:

•    Online reservation system - Reduce the cost of web bookings by capturing reservations through your own web site rather than paying third parties. Featuring a reservation portal and web booking engine that streamline web reservations, the system allows you to instantly open or restrict availability of rooms in order to obtain the highest possible room rates. Property features, room types, rate plans, packages, and availability information are immediately synchronized with the property management system, so users don't need to enter duplicate data. With this system, your guests can easily book rooms directly from your web site, enhancing the profitability of your business.

•    Channel management   -   Extend market reach,  increase revenue and occupancy,  and streamline operations. Using channel management, you can easily configure rates, apply revenue management controls, and employ a consistent rate terminology across your enterprise, providing a cost-effective       and efficient distribution solution for your business. Channel management functions help you effectively interact with multiple distribution channels, implement revenue strategies, reduce rate erosion, and maximize yields.

•    Central reservation system  -  Cost-effectively process reservations and manage availability from a centralized location. This system facilitates efficient retrieval of rates, availability, and guest-related information to help your reservations agents achieve higher productivity while improving revenue opportunities. The central reservation system also helps streamline call center operations with  features that increase efficiency to boost the profitability of your business.




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