Touch Point, POS Management System

TouchPoint provides the restaurant operators with the highest productivity ever required for all levels of service. Real Windows®  graphic interface enables immediate   "Touch and Go"   operations giving rise to the most efficient services provided in every section in your restaurant. Easy-to-operate functions coupled with flexible guest-centric features allow the whole restaurant crew to operate in unity giving guests a sense of being in touch with one individual and unified attendant.

Efficient cost management, accurate accounting management, effective reports and many other back office features allow restaurant managers and owners ultimate control over the profitability of the business.

From fast-food chain restaurants to multi-outlet hotels, from trendy hip-hop restaurants to high fine-dining, Touch Point offers you a tool to provide ultimate service and achieve high profitability.

Floor Management
• Flexible layout setup
• Incorporate room numbers for Room Service
• Table arrangement configuration
• Free style customization of table shape
Table Reservation
• Advance booking
• Late arrival alerts
• Table release functions
• Change of arrival time

Preset meal sessions
• Breakfast table layout
• Brunch table layout
• Lunch table layout
• High Tea table layout
• Dinner table layout
• Supper table layout
• Etc.

Restaurant Statistics
• Revenue Average by Cover
• Revenue by Category
• Guest Demographics
• Time and Traffic Analysis

Bills Transfer
• Split bill
• Table transfer
• Shift transfer
• Outlet transfer

• VIP member discount
• Member deposit management
• History management
• Bonus point system
• Weekday/weekend settings
• "Happy hour" settings

Table Status Management
• Color-coded status
• User-defined status (Reserved, Vacant,
   Occupied, Out of Order)
• Complete Industry Standard Reports
• Ad-hoc Reports
• User-designed Reports
• Reports exportable to Microsoft Excel, text file, etc.
• Graphical Reports








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